Sprinkler Repairs


Sprinkler systems in commercial and residential establishments are no longer an optional piece of equipment. These systems help save the lives of those inside the building and the property itself. They help overpower fires, giving those inside the building adequate time to get to safety.

At Carrizales Plumbing, we understand that your business is important to you. Sprinkler systems keep your business safe in case of emergency. You wouldn't want those to malfunction at any time. That is why we offer professional sprinkler services and are by your side from start to finish.


It is important to have your sprinkler systems evaluated yearly to make sure they are preforming at their best. We make sure your sprinkler systems function in any emergency. During a sprinkler system test, checks are performed on all parts of the system. This may include water flow tests, fire pump tests, alarm tests and more. During these routine checks, we will be able to verify any problems with the systems that could prevent it from working correctly in an emergency. Our experienced technicians are here to provide you with immediate service and repair.

One of the more visible parts of a sprinkler system is the sprinkler head. This part is a valve that opens in response to high temperatures. They keep their protection area to what is needed, unlike common misconceptions where the sprinklers would flood out the whole room. If this part is malfunctioning, this could cause serious injuries and damage. If the sprinkler head needs repairs, our staff will help fix it and make sure it is properly working.

If you are in need of sprinkler repair in the Laredo, TX area and are looking for quality plumbing contractors, call the team at Carrizales Plumbing. We can get the job done and get it done right. Your business and your employees are in good hands.

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